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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 12:41 pm    Post subject: 2GR-FE and U660E SWAP INTO MAZDA MPV 2000 Reply with quote

I am contemplating the above mod.

I will only be a Mazda in body but a Toyota in the soul.

The 2GR-FE weighs the same as the GY-DE - 163kg.

The 2GR-FE is a 3.5L engine.

The GY-DE is a 2.5L engine.

The GY-DE's dimensions are

Length = 22 in
Width = 24 in
Height = 24 in

The 2GR-FE's dimensions are

Length = 19.75 in
Width = 25.63 in
Height = 28.98 in

The original transmission GF4A-EL is a four-speed.
The transmission U660E to b swapped is a six-speed.

Both are FWD.

This will also mean another PCM/ECM, and the whole wiring harness from a donor Sienna will have to be part of this project.

It will also mean the use of Toyota drive axles, fabricated engine and transmission mounts, intake and exhaust headers, suspension work, brakes modification, A/C and Power Steering modifications, engine cooling system modifications, fuel system modifications, shifter modifications, pedals modifications.

Subscriptions to Toyota Technical Information System and Mazda Service Information.

Why am I doing this?

Reduced availability of parts for Mazda, the vehicle was not common, and it is even more uncommon now in my part of the world. In fact parts are becoming extremely hard to come by. Especially so if one takes a trip out of station. If the vehicle broke down, it would mean being stranded until parts can be sourced several 100 miles away.

I drove a Sienna with the 3.0L engine the 3MZ-FE and the U151E transmission for 3 years and had next to zero engine or transmission problems that I was accustomed to driving the MPV. This modification would make the MPV more reliable. I am avoiding that combination because I don't want to deal with timing belts since the original 2.5L in the MPV also had timing chains.

Switching to a Toyota powertrain means easier access to parts if and when needed

Power is addictive. 3.5L beats 2.5L any day anytime. I want to build a sleeper.

Comments like this from the CarandDriver website tell you the 2000 Mazda MPV was underpowered:


"Complaints clogged the MPV's logbook. Most cited a lack of acceptable power from the 170-hp, 2.5-liter V-6, lifted and insufficiently modified from the late Ford Contour. It was simply not enough engine for the 3818-pound MPV. Interestingly, the Chrysler V-6 in our long-term 1996 Town & Country LXi, with four fewer horses than the MPV but bearing 352 more pounds, was absolutely spunky. The Mazda's 165 pound-feet of torque was likely the culprit; the Chrysler had 227. At any rate, "fun to drive" was not part of the equation here. It's one thing to endure a mommy car if you're a mommy, or if your in-laws descend on you for a weekend of roller coastering at Ohio's Cedar Point. But no self-respecting enthusiast of any gender would choose this van for a road trip with anyone else aboard."

I want to keep the MPV for much longer and want to take advantage of modern technology and the fuel economy associated with it.

I love the MPV.

I strongly believe that the transmission was the weak link in the Mazda MPV. If not the transmission itself then the transmission cooling. This modification will give me extra power and sort that out in one fell swoop.

I also want to answer the question in the affirmative - can it be done?

I will keep the original Mazda PCM for everything else except engine and transmission control.

I will gradually port over what can be ported and leave as is what cannot be ported over

The project is still at the development stage but I am sourcing for the components and the expertise to make it come true.

I've made several contacts and I know it can be done.

Just that I cannot find another example of its being done on the internet. This may well be the first.

I know a lot of fabrication will be involved but I don't mind. I will give it the time and money it requires to get it done.

Will keep you posted.
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2021 4:06 am    Post subject: Re: 2GR-FE and U660E SWAP INTO MAZDA MPV 2000 Reply with quote

hell of a project
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